Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities PEPPER Training Sessions

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Training Series

Click on the links below to access the training series handouts.

IRF PEPPER Demonstration – during this session, walk through a sample PEPPER (version Q4FY16) to review the Compare Targets, Target Area and Top CMG and ALOS by CMG Tier and Discharge Destination reports
(no handout)
Duration: 24:41
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Chapter 1 – What is PEPPER? Introduction and History (PDF)
Duration: 7:20
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Chapter 2 – What type of data are summarized in PEPPER, and how are episodes of service created? (PDF)
Duration: 6:59
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Chapter 3 – What are the target areas in the IRF PEPPER, why are they included and how were they identified? (PDF)
Duration: 6:44
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Chapter 4 – What is the difference between percent and percentile? What does the percentile mean? (PDF)
Duration: 9:26
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Chapter 5 – IRF Top CMGs, ALOS by CMG Tier and Discharge Destination (PDF)
Duration: 7:10
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Chapter 6 – Comparison Groups in PEPPER (PDF)
Duration: 4:22
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Chapter 7 – How to Use PEPPER (PDF)
Duration: 9:44
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Chapter 8 – National-level and State-level Data (PDF)
Duration: 8:19
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Chapter 9 – IRF Units of short-term acute care hospitals and critical access hospitals: Obtaining PEPPER via QualityNet (PDF)
Duration: 6:11
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Chapter 9 – Free-standing IRFs: Obtaining PEPPER via PEPPER Resources Portal (PDF)
Duration: 19:14
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Chapter 10 – Resources and Assistance with using/obtaining PEPPER (PDF)
Duration: 2:44
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