The QualityNet secure file transfer was decommissioned on Dec.15, 2020. Future Program for Evaluating Payment Patterns Electronic Report (PEPPER) releases will be distributed through the PEPPER Resources Portal, beginning with the Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) PEPPER (swing bed units of acute care hospitals) that is scheduled for release in April 2021.

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Training & Resources for Skilled Nursing Facilities

Free-standing skilled nursing facilities and skilled nursing facilities that are part of another type of hospital receive their PEPPER via PEPPER Resources Portal at View a map of SNF PEPPER retrievals by state.

Skilled Nursing Facilities/swingbeds that are part of a short-term acute care hospital receive their PEPPER via QualityNet Portal at

View information on how to download your PEPPER via QualityNet Portal.

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SNF PEPPER Testimonials

Current PEPPER User’s Guide


  • View a list of the 12 MAC jurisdictions and the number of providers in each jurisdiction in total and by state for PEPPER Q4FY19 (XLSX, updated 7/15/2020).

PEPPER Training Sessions

  • Access a complete series of PEPPER training sessions, available as ten “chapters” for ease of access. A review of a sample SNF PEPPER is also available.
  • April 2020 SNF PEPPER Review: This webinar reviews the new PEPPER for Skilled Nursing Facilities, version Q4FY19, originally scheduled for release in April, 2020. It includes the history/background of PEPPER, a high-level review of the target areas (to include changes related to the PDPM), a walk-through of a sample PEPPER (note: this session reviews the old format of the PEPPER, not the new PEPPER format), and guidance for accessing the PEPPER. Download the PowerPoint slides (PDF) or transcript (PDF) for this PEPPER review.
  • New PEPPER Format: This session reviews changes to the PEPPER for greater accessibility, cleaner presentation and improved readability. Download the PowerPoint slides (PDF) or the transcript (PDF) for this PEPPER recording.

Demonstration PEPPER:

  • Demonstration PEPPER version Q4FY19 (XLSX, updated 7/15/2020)

Other Resources: